J.Nolan - "In The Stars"

Happy Holidays, world! I know it's been a few months since I've put out any new material, but I want y'all to know that something truly special is in the works. I've had to focus very intensely on rebranding myself and presenting the most HONEST, true to life expression that I possibly can through my music. As some of you may have noticed, I've focused on God a lot more in the content of my songs and I want everyone to know that He's stepped into my life in such a major way that it'd be preposterous not to share His impact on me.

My intent is not to turn my songs into 3-4 minute sermons, but I do feel a strong calling to share the love of Christ with you all by giving real life accounts through music. I've had some dark days and have been lost like everyone else, but that's not where our stories are supposed to end! So I'm writing an album sharing the things about myself that I've hidden for years and I couldn't be more excited for it. The first example is the song above, "In The Stars" and it's only getting deeper from there! I hope you guys are down to take this journey with me, I'd love to circulate my support for you along the way as well. Seriously.

Much love and respect!