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J Nolan Interview w/ Shoutout Atlanta 

Much love to SHOUTOUT ATLANTA for interviewing me as part of their new segment called The Risk Series, in which I was able to talk about my experience with taking risks as an artist and entrepreneur in the music business. I'm grateful for the opportunity to share that story and I hope that people are able to take something from it and maybe even apply to their own situations. You can read the full article here:

J Nolan Hosts Fresh & Local Fest: Digital 

For anyone that's followed our brand in any capacity over the past 4 or 5 years, you definitely know that our annual Fresh & Local Fest is pretty much our flagship event and is what we're most known for doing. Our entire platform as it stands today is based on the undying support and advocacy for independent artists - especially those that are within the genres of Hip-Hop, R&B, and Soul music. This year is particularly special because Covid-19 forced us to be innovative in the name of not canceling the event, which led to us moving forth in the digital realm. 

This was our FIRST attempt at doing a virtual event and it turned out excellent, even beyond anything we could have wished for. We were able to stream the event live on both Facebook and Youtube simultaneously & we had so much fun interacting with all of our participants, their supporters, and everyone else in between. It gave us the opportunity to connect with people on a global scale rather than just Atlanta. We couldn't be more thankful for everyone involved. 

This year's lineup was a mixture of returning alumni (Hickman L.A., Seline Haze, The DJ Team, DJ Redhanded, NELAC), artists we've known/tried to book in the past (Really Khalil, Prince Wiser, DopeNorTeria, SirGandhi), and a whole slew of rising talent that we met for the first time while trying to put this together (Knot Them, Justin Ruff, Ham Van Dam, Ess, DJ Yung Red). 

Another special element to this year's show was that we kind of merged our Songwriter's Social Club initiative into the fold as we brought in music industry professionals Tami LaTrell (Multi-platinum/Grammy nominated singer/songwriter and CEO of music publishing administrator The Mezzo Agency), Mathew Steele (CEO of music licensing company, SteeleSync), and Felisha Booker (founder of music discovery app, HearBK). All of our guests are great at what they do and were key components to making our first digital edition of Fresh & Local Fest a success. Huge thank you to everyone involved and we hope to continue to build more resources like this for the artistic community!


UNTITLED Live: New Concert Series by J Nolan & Nicoli Demar 

Untitled is a platform for independent artists to develop their live show as performers and build an organic fanbase. It’s a safe space where artists can display their talent, be valued for their creativity, and be promoted equally. Our platform is dedicated to showcasing each artist’s individual genius, giving an intimate glimpse into their experience and creative process. Every finished product was once a work in progress; Untitled.

Untitled launches February 21st at American Sushi Recordings and will feature the following performers: Kayla SiMaya, Illori Vice, Shalom Little, and J Nolan. DopeNorteria will be providing the soundscape for the evening as resident DJ's. Doors open at 9pm. Show starts at 10pm.